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How to trade the Market Makers Method - with Martin Cole


  1. Professional Trader Training   (1,871 visits to this link)

    The Market Markers Method - A trading method for life!

    All markets are predictable because underlying is a business model that less than 5% of traders truly understand.

    The Market Markers Method exposes what is behind EVERY market move. Today right now is your opportunity to take the first step to learning a trading method that NEVER changes and has the potential.

    You have nothing to lose and freedom to gain by trying it.

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  2. How to use the forums

    How to use the forums - Posting Images etc


  3. Daily Market Analysis + Guidance (Private Members Only)

    In order to access this forum, you will need to be a PAT software user so that you understand what is being shown inside.
    In this forum, you will discover... WHEN - WHERE and HOW to enter a market in order to profit. In a very short time, you will have a skill set the envy of other traders.

    This forum will take your trading to a level where you view consistency of success as a normal trading reaction.

    You can purchase the Market Makers Method Trading Course / PAT Software here

  4. PAT Software Subscribers (Private Members Only)

    Access to this forum is for PAT software subscribers only. This private members area contains Training Videos - Daily Charts / Market analysis - Ongoing Trader Training - PAT Software Training - Live Simulation Training. This is the place where everything is PAT software and how that relates to current markets.
    You can purchase PAT Software here

  5. Million Dollars in a Year

    Million dollars in a year forum is for participants of my personal guided training program.
    To join a millions dollars in a year training program you will need to subscribe to PAT software for one year with an additional fee for the personal one on one training.

  6. Traders Talk Live Shows Follow up Videos Charts Etc

    Traders Talk Live Show with Martin Cole.  This is the forum where I discuss the contents of the live shows. You can post charts, ask questions and generally get help with all your trading questions.

    How to successfully trade the Market makers method.

    (This forum is NOT OPEN for new Members at this stage)


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